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Audio tech giant Sonos has added to its lineup of home theater gear with the compact, budget-friendly Ray Soundbar. Designed for smaller spaces, the Ray takes up very little room but offers an immersive experience with Sonos’ trademark sound quality.

The Ray soundbar comes equipped with TruePlay tuning and a simple plug-and-play HDMI connection. Plus, like all Sonos products, it’s easy to pair with other Sonos speakers to create a surround-sound environment. Connect the Ray to your TV for crystal clear audio while watching movies and shows or while playing video games. Or, use it as the main music source for your next party. The Ray soundbar ditches the voice-controlled smart setup of the Beam and the Arc as well as the Dolby Atmos 3D sound. But at $279, the Ray is an excellent option for those looking to build out their home audio setup. Ray is currently available for preorder with estimated shipping for June 7th.

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