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Rumpl is a brand most famous for their puffy outdoor blankets. Snow Peak is a half-century-old Japanese outfitter renowned for everything from portable grills to silicone glasses and everything in between. A collaboration between these two brands is an absolute no-brainer, which is why they joined forces a couple years ago to make the first Snow Peak x Rumpl NanoLoft Takibi Blanket. The two brands are back with a new collaboration blanket that elevates the previous version to luxury levels. It might look and feel similar in approach and design, but the most recent version includes a higher-performing, more-sustainable face fabric that leverages a revolutionary and proprietary blend of natural fire-resistant fibers in mono-acrylic and cotton ripstop-along with a new colorway, different construction methods, and a whole slew of other technical innovations that make this the most comfortable blanket on the market. The NanoLoft Takibi Blanket goes on sale February 10 on both brands’ websites for $199.

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