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To “live among the trees” doesn’t mean you have to carve out a monastic experience and sleep in a self-made shelter. William Kaven Architecture just built a “Royal” domicile spanning 4,352 square feet in the rich Oregonian forest. Located in Forest Park, close to downtown Portland, the two stacked structures in black siding and large expanses of glass make up the home along with 735 square feet of wraparound decking. Huge amounts of sunlight enter the home that contains a 1.5-storey foyer, living area with a dual-fuel fireplace, kitchen, dining room, four bedrooms, and a terrace and planter area on the lower level. The copious use of natural wood in the Royal house serves to honor the surrounding Douglas fir trees and vine maples that provide shade, as well as a lush view from the palatial windows.


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