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When it comes to the best ways to get properly fueled up for particularly difficult or long bike rides, there’s nothing like caffeine to get you amped up for the workout on the horizon. Rocket has teamed up with Rapha for another limited edition espresso machine like the Carhartt WIP x Rocket collab we covered previously. Except this time around it’s a limited edition R Cinquantotto espresso machine handmade in Milan by Rocket and limited to just 100 pieces for members of the Rapha Cycling Club. This Rapha + Rocket R58 Espresso Machine features two independently operated, PID-controlled boilers with precise group temperature adjustment and unrivaled levels of temperature stability. Pair that with a high-grade rotary pump that draws from either the internal water reservoir or the main water supply for maximum water control. Even better, all the machine’s myriad functions can be controlled via the touch-screen display, so you can make the world’s finest coffee with a minimal amount of effort on your part.

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There are lots of gifts you can give or get that fit the bill, but few things check the boxes like a good bunch of cigars. That’s where La Aurora comes in with their Cigar Sampling Packs. The original Dominican Cigar company that has been hand-rolling high-quality cigars in the Dominican since 1903, La Aurora has the perfect gift for anyone on your list and they start at just over six bucks a stick. As if that deal wasn’t enough, for a limited time you can get free shipping to 43 states, so try La Aurora today.