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Movie posters make great wall decorations because they allow you to combine art, pop culture, and unique taste. Propstore is kicking off another movie memorabilia auction, this time focusing on 500+ different rare, collectible, and expertly preserved posters. As Propstore CEO Stephen Lane describes, “Propstore is back with another fantastic collection of posters ready to go under the hammer. Just a few of the auction highlights include an incredible array of Star Wars posters, as well as rare lots from sci-fi and horror classics.” We’re talking about items like a UK Quad of the original Batman from 1966. US One-Sheet posters of Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man from 1942 and 1994’s Pulp Fiction. A set of six Star Wars artist proof giclee prints signed by Stan Lee (2015) and a full-color transparency for the 1977 UK poster from Star Wars: A New Hope. The collection is vast and museum-quality, so we’re sure there’s at least one piece that you’ll want to hang. The Propstore Poster Auction kicks off live in London on September 15th with in-person, phone, and online bidding.
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