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At-home workouts were a thing long before COVID. But all of the gym closures cemented their importance to most of our daily lives. Peloton was the end all, be all for plenty of fitness obsessives–for good reason!–but it lacked the strength training component that most of us had to seek elsewhere during the pandemic. Until now! Peloton’s latest upcoming release isn’t a new bike or bike training course, it’s a smart connected training course that’s entirely focused on being a revolutionary strength-training experience. In theory, it’s like a workout version of the old school Microsoft Kinect (in that it’s a TV-connected, movement-tracking camera) except this time around it also displays workouts and helps you level up your personal fitness in lieu of collecting badges. You need to bring your own workout equipment and TV, but Peloton provides the other equipment and the knowledge to level up your workout regime. Peloton Guide is set for release in early 2022 and starts at $495 with an additional $13/mo membership plan.

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