The period in American history we refer to as “Prohibition” remains one of the bleakest in our history. There was some light in the darkness though, because Prohibition forced liquor production underground. As you know, this ultimately turned into fast cars, faster country roads, and corn whiskey – otherwise known as moonshine. Unfortunately, moonshine is highly illegal and it’s probably not a good idea to drink anything that could also power your car. Enter Original Moonshine Clear Corn Whiskey. It starts as 100% estate-grown corn. Then they distill it in an original Prohibition-era copper pot still the same way that moonshine has been produced for hundreds of years. It ends up as an 80-proof, charcoal-filtered spirit that can be enjoyed however you like. Right now, it’s only available in New York, L.A., and Austin. Hopefully you’re in one of those cities or you just have to wait and salivate like the rest of us.

Urban19 (1)

 You can’t have a fall evening without a fire. And you can’t have a fire without a Cowboy Cauldron. They’re built from solid plate steel, meaning they’ll last a lifetime or two and they come in four different sizes with elevated basins that can be adjusted to any height. We’re going with The Urbaan Cowboy® because it’s perfect for entertaining at home.  With a 30″ diameter basin, it is more than large enough to have a nice fire, but still small enough to pack into a pickup truck and take it with you.  Can you imagine the envy when we bust this puppy out at a tailgate or the beach? We haven’t seen a more handsome fire. You?  Best of all, Cool Material readers get an exclusive deal.