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Tired of the hustle and bustle of urban living or the mundanity of the suburbs? Well, take to the ocean. Ocean Builders is a new startup that has developed the SeaPod, a two-person, three-and-a-half-story luxury home that rises out of the ocean on thin structures. On the face of it, this idea seems to be an aquatic version of the futuristic UFO homes of Suuronen. But, with a more luxurious touch. The bright white exterior and interior hint at the decidedly modern interior design of the SeaPod. At times it looks more like a laboratory than somewhere folks would actually live. But, Ocean Builders is pitching the SeaPod as a more sustainable, “eco-restorative home” that can counteract the ecological damage our current way of living has wreaked on the world. In fact, the startup shares that the SeaPod will help facilitate and foster new micro-habitats for sea life around their base.

While this vision of living might seem like a distant future possibility, Ocean Builders has already started to accept reservations with an eye toward starting production in 2023.

The promises of this project are admirable, but we remain somewhat skeptical. Still, we’d love to be proven wrong.

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