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While most glamping experiences channel a rustic, charming aesthetic, NVI Domes has constructed a futuristic, space-age alternative to camping in style. The Igloo House, designed by Nikita Kupryienka, is constructed as a reflective dome structure, making use of double-glazed (4-16Ar-4) windows which creates a sort of mirror for Mother Earth. The Igloo House was built with a combination of glass, wood, and metal integrated with high thermal insulation and UV protection and the geodesic shape allows for natural ventilation and airflow. All of this means it can withstand most weather conditions and will create a relaxing living environment for campers of all comfort levels.

While the outside feels like it belongs in a Sci-Fi movie, the inside is a cozy, Scandinavian-inspired dream. The Igloo House stands 4 meters tall with a diameter of 6 meters and an area of 28 square meters. It has a bedroom, a kitchen with a sink, and a bathroom with a toilet. The interior sports CNC-machined 6mm thick plywood for the wall finishing and the appliances and fixtures are all appropriately sleek and clean. Pricing has not been released and more info can be requested from NVI Domes directly.

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