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There’s something about an old, rusty can of Colt 45, Quaker State, Coors Banquet, Velvet tobacco or Sta-Lube that immediately brings back great childhood memories of exploring musty garages and basements. Unfortunately, as cool as they are, they’re not good for much these days except sitting pretty on a shelf. That’s where Iowa-based artist Mitchell Spain and his unique ceramics come in. Mitchell takes vintage designs and breathes new life into them, creating modern ceramic pieces as functional as they are nostalgic. You want a threaded flask that looks like a can of Duraflame? No problem. A mug that looks like a can of Fox Beer or a K & N oil filter? He can make those too. A cone top bottle that looks like a can of Schlitz? You got it. Each of Mitchell’s creations is porcelain slip-cast, decked out in a vintage decal and sealed to be food safe. The only problem is trying to decide which one to buy.


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