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We could spend a lifetime talking about the impact Mad Men has had on television, pop culture, design, and drinking glasses. Thanks to Lionsgate presumably clearing some space, you can now own a piece of TV history from their ongoing Mad Men Auction on Screenbid. Want to own Don and Megan’s Harvest Meal Tablesetting? That’s an option. How about the SCDP 38th Floor Offices Set Design Floorplan? Also available. Old school entertainment center with tube TV? There are a few. You can also bid on desks, side tables, Lou Avery’s Tiki Bar Set, suitcases and more than 200 items that helped set the stage for the show. The auction runs until April 6, and each item includes a certificate of authenticity. Just remember to factor in the 24% buyer’s premium before pulling the trigger on your favorite piece of TV history.

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