What sounds like a new Decepticon that could share the screen with Shia LaBeouf and some Megan Fox look-alike in the next Transformers movie is somehow – surprisingly – much cooler.  With Lockitron you can unlock your home or apartment using an iPhone or any smartphone.  Now, we can think of a million-and-one times this could come in handy – we’re at work and our buddy left his car keys in our house after a party or we’re overseas and we want to let someone in to check if we did in fact shut the oven off (might want to do that one early in the trip) or we’re just lazy and don’t want to get off the couch to let someone in – each equally as nifty.  As for the dude using the old-school Nokia in the video, his iPhone buddy should really get him an upgrade for any upcoming birthday or holiday.


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