Kidrobot, maker of all manner of cool action figure and shelf accessory, has teamed up with Sket One, maker of sweet art and designs, to create a special version of the stupid popular Dunny figure. Dubbed “Sketracha,” presumably because of Sket One’s involvement and the fact that it looks like a bottle of everyone’s favorite rooster sauce, this 3″ tall figure is equal parts display piece and modern art. Sketracha will come in two versions, “new” and “used,” that will be blind boxed, so you’ll have no idea if you’re going to get the red or translucent one until you open it.

LMNT_1000x600 (1)

LMNT is an electrolyte drink mix. But not like any electrolytes you’ve had before. It contains 1,000mg of sodium, 200mg of potassium, and 60mg of magnesium. But most importantly,  zero sugar, zero coloring, and no artificial ingredients or gluten. Basically, it’s the perfect recipe to rehydrate and prevent headaches and cramps. Sure, we use LMNT after workouts. But we also use it after a late night of drinking. Don’t tell anyone. Or do. It’s that good. And your drinking buddies should know about it, too. Receive a FREE LMNT sample pack – just cover shipping. You have nothing to lose.