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Kasita is a newer, Austin-based startup that wants you to completely rethink the way you look at housing. If everything else you do is mobile, why shouldn’t your housing be, too? That’s why Kasita is micro-housing on the go. Call it a combination of a tiny house and a POD storage system. Call it a downsized office you can put on your roof or an upsized dumpster with plenty of glass (the CEO really lived in a 33 sq. ft. dumpster for a year). Regardless of the way you look at it, Kasita fits neatly into all sorts of locations while giving you the freedom to have just enough space for the things you need and no space for the things you don’t. Kasita is a smart home with a small footprint that’s designed to fit anywhere from the heart of the city to your backyard while also giving you the ability to move it on demand (like a POD) whenever you feel like it. Keep everything you love (walk-in shower, fridge, oven, washer/dryer, bed, workspace) and scrap everything you don’t (being tied to huge mortgage payments) with Kasita.

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