Find a more creative way to terrorize your girlfriend’s cats with the latest Roomba Vacuuming Robot. Program it to vacuum your house whenever you want. The Roomba is smart enough to avoid wires or falling down stairs and when its battery is low or it’s done vacuuming it returns to its base to charge.


When it comes to perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, there’s almost nothing that competes with the collaborative cocktail kits released in partnership between Oak & Eden and Cheeky Cocktails. Available in Espresso and Napa options, each kit combines a unique Oak & Eden spirit, Cheeky syrup and a rocks glass that will take any holiday to the next level–whether you’re celebrating solo or with your special someone. As if all that wasn’t enough, you even get 10% off with code COOLWHISKEY at checkout (thru the end of February), so you have no reason not to pick yourself up some as well when you get your Oak & Eden Cocktail Kits today.