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We’ve covered quite a few stunning homes and offices over the years. But none of them are quite like what artists Jay and Bev Doolitle accomplished with the High Desert House in Joshua Tree when they enlisted the help of renowned architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg. Dwell reported:
“As the story goes, in 1986 Kellogg received a handwritten note from artists Jay and Bev Doolittle that read: ‘Dear Mr. Kellogg, My wife and I recently purchased a very interesting, though unconventional, building site in the California desert.’ Kellogg was intrigued, and upon visiting the couple and seeing their unusual, majestic 10-acre plot nestled within a cluster of massive boulders in the middle of the desert, he took on the project, and with carte blanche, designed what is probably one of the most striking organic modern residences to date.”
That design inspiration and lack of oversight led to the creation of a 5,000-square-foot engineering marvel that, to this day, stands as a testament to what’s possible with good ol’ human ingenuity and a bottomless budget.

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