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Whether you WFH or just enjoy good design, you might be happy to hear that Grovemade’s cult-favorite desk shelf is now in matte black and white color options. Adding a bit of slick design to the line-up, this shelf desk is for anyone on the market. Designed to fit two monitors or whatever tchotchkes you have lying around, it’s a wooden stand with minimal design that means business. Made from engineered wood, cork, and aluminum, it can withstand 50 pounds, and Grovemade promises it’ll last a lifetime. Available now for $270.


Fulton & Roark has been a hit ever since their launch almost a decade ago with features in the likes of GQ, Men’s Health and Fast Company. With the launch of their Fragrance Discovery Set, their popularity exploded. Each sample set includes a 1-2 day supply of all 8 of their best-selling solid fragrances so you can find the perfect one for you. Even better, the sample set comes with a $20 coupon code for your next purchase. Take your personal scent to the next level with Fulton & Roark today.