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The Napoleon Rogue 425 is on our shortlist of best 3-burner grills. It has enough space for 26 burgers, lights right every time thanks to the Jetfire ignition system, and the option for natural gas or propane. But more than all that is the side burner. They call it their Sizzle Zone. It easily reaches 1,800°F and will allow you to give any steak the kind of sear you’d otherwise have to visit a steakhouse for. But the Rogue doesn’t slack off on traditional grilling either. The stainless steel Wave grids ensure even heating for every bit of meat or veggies you throw down. Plus, it only takes a half hour to set up. If you have people coming over at 5, the least stressful part of your preparations is the grill assembly. And if you need to store it, the foldable side shelves mean the Rogue 425 fits into much smaller spaces than a run-of-the-mill grill. It’s the kind of grill that reminds you why you like barbecued foods in the first place.

High Five

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