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When was the last time you bought anything useful for $1. Seriously, think about it. Even double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s – which are very difficult to classify as “useful” – cost more than $1 now. Tim Stansbury and Erin Whalen still understand the value of a dollar. Having clean hands – even when there’s nothing around to wash your hands of the matter at hand – is also very important. These two things came together in the form of Grease Monkey Wipes. Each Grease Monkey Wipe is individually wrapped and uses an all natural citrus formula to create an industrial strength degreaser for heavy duty cleaning. At only $1 each (minimum purchase is a 6 pack, hence the $6 below) you can literally throw money at your cleaning problem without going broke. Clean-up hasn’t been this convenient since the invention of the Swiffer.


We feel like it’s relatively common knowledge these days that better gut health leads to improved overall wellness, but how, exactly do you make that happen? Skip the obscure diets and Instagram fads because all you need is Probulin Total Care probiotic capsules. Unlike other options on the market, Probulin Total Care offers a premium blend of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains–along with targeted ingredients–for whole body health and unparalleled support, but you should still consult your healthcare professional prior to taking it. That said, Probulin is the best way to kickstart your health and wellness program.