When you don’t want to give dad the same boring tie or a friend another iTunes gift card, you can turn to UncommonGoods for some help. As the name suggests, they stock the kind of gifts that stand out. We dug through all they have to offer to select some of our favorite items for this holiday season.


Fix It Sticks Travel Tools

These are perfect for the DIY guy who doesn’t want to lug around a loaded toolbox or the cyclist who needs some portable tools. The two sticks fit together to form a T-wrench which can help fix up a bike or handle tasks around the house.


The Ultimate Cocktail Bar Tool

A Swiss Army knife is perfect for camping because it has so many of the tools you need in one convenient package. The Ultimate Cocktail Bar Tool takes the same idea and applies it to making cocktails.


Steampunk Coffee Mill

For the guy who truly appreciates a good cup of coffee and some clever design, consider this Steampunk Coffee Mill. Each one is handmade in Missouri, and looks as good in use as it does simply sitting on a counter.


Beard Pack

For the mountain man with an unruly beard, wrap up a Beard Pack. The kit includes all-natural beard oil, moustache wax, and facial hair wash that was developed by a mechanic and handmade in the US. No more stray whiskers.


14th Century Beer Stein

For his next feast that’s fit for a king, get him this 14th Century Beer Stein. The handmade stein has more character than an average pint glass and can be used with or without a crown.


Architectural Desk Organizers

Drawing inspiration from 19th century buildings in SoHo, these Architectural Desk Organizers are perfect for the workaholic on your list, or just the guy who loves clever little design items.


Ballpark Blueprints

It might not feel like baseball weather yet, but for the dedicated fan it’s the time of year for scouting free agents and possible blockbuster trades. If there’s a guy like that on your list, these blueprints make an awesome gift. Just make sure you don’t get a Fenway print for a Yankees fan.


Stoneware Growler

Nothing beats fresh beer from the tap, but unless you’re installing a kegerator and have access to incredible beer, you’re going to need a growler. For the beer drinker who wants something more unique than the standard growler, consider this killer stoneware one.


Handy Dad

Want to give the dad on your list a special gift? How about the gift of bonding? Handy Dad from HGTV’s Todd Davis offers 25 DIY projects that are meant for dads and their kids to do together.


Adjustable Collar Stays

Giving the stylish guy on your list an article of clothing is destined for disaster, so you need to get creative. These Adjustable Collar Stays are useful for any guy who wears nice button-downs, and no one will go hunting for a gift receipt when they get them.


Molecular Gastronomy Kit – Cuisine

You don’t need an expensive sous vide machine or all kinds of funky powders to pull off some molecular gastronomy at home. This kit is perfect for the foodie on your list who wants to elevate his home cooking game to an entirely new level. A level full of chocolate spaghetti and honey caviar drops.


Southern Bourbon Stout Beer Brewing Kit

Give a man a beer and he’ll drink for a day; teach a man to brew and he’ll drink for a lifetime. While we’re sure someone on your list would enjoy a six-pack of their favorite beer, the reward of drinking something they made themselves will make your gift far more memorable.


Flint & Tinder has always been one of our favorites because they make updated, high-quality American staples–without being fussy, over-designed or bearing a huge price tag. Our latest favorite? This Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket. With classical trucker jacket styling and a flannel-lining for warmth, this Made in the USA trucker jacket is best in class. In addition to Martexin 7oz sailcloth exterior in eight different color options, you get fully-lined body / sleeves, interior media pocket, button-flap chest pocket, 2 welt hand pockets, and finishing like F & T antique metal buttons and a modern fit. Get yours today at Huckberry