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Dad Grass is easily among our favorite CBD brands thanks to their excellent products and keen sense of branding. They’ve just debuted a line of items geared toward pets with the central product as their CBD Dog Bones. Dad Grass has taken the same care and attention to detail that they do with all of their products and applied it to these dog-friendly treats. They are infused with the same full-spectrum organic CBD oil used in their standard products and are produced in small batches with 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients. The CBD Dog Bones are also vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free and tested by third-party labs so you can feel confident feeding them to your furry friends.

And, in case you were a little hesitant, Dad Grass assures that CBD Dog Bones are 100% safe for pups of all sizes and shapes. Each bone, which contains 4 MG CBD, counts as a serving and Dad Grass recommends taking twice daily: once in the morning and evening. In addition to the CBD Dog Bones, Dad Grass has debuted a plush dog toy and “Dog Grass” dad hat.

The CBD Dog Bones are available now for $25 with about 20 bones in each bag.

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If you’re anything like us, you love the idea of never setting foot in an office ever again in favor of working remotely all the time. However, it’s not always easy to replicate the productivity of a traditional office setup. That’s where Xebec comes in. Xebec’s flagship product, the Tri-Screen 2, instantly adds two extra screens to your laptop so you can be productive from anywhere. Take your remote work game to the next level. Check out the Tri-Screen 2 today.