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Matchboxes are convenient, but they don’t really add anything to your room. They’re chucked in a drawer or a cabinet until they’re needed for the ten seconds it takes to light something, then they’re chucked right back in. The Match Striker from Craighill aims to add a little display value. It’s a dense little container with the deep black color you’d expect from cast iron, though admittedly a little more polished than we might have otherwise thought. There’s knurling around the circumference of it meant as the friction supplier for your strike-anywhere matches. We say strike-anywhere specifically because safety matches won’t work with it. Stick this next to anything you need to set on fire, both for the convenience of it and the visual appeal.

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LMNT is an electrolyte drink mix. But not like any electrolytes you’ve had before. It contains 1,000mg of sodium, 200mg of potassium, and 60mg of magnesium. But most importantly,  zero sugar, zero coloring, and no artificial ingredients or gluten. Basically, it’s the perfect recipe to rehydrate and prevent headaches and cramps. Sure, we use LMNT after workouts. But we also use it after a late night of drinking. Don’t tell anyone. Or do. It’s that good. And your drinking buddies should know about it, too. Receive a FREE LMNT sample pack – just cover shipping. You have nothing to lose.