You can spot a tourist a mile away in any city. Fanny pack—check. Stuffed JanSport backpack—check. Insanely large fold-out map—double check. We say, give us a couple names of areas and then we’ll wander around and stumble into some watering-holes and nifty looking shops. To display our way of travel we found these City Neighborhood Maps from These Are Things. Each city print showcases the basics of what you need to know when traveling. Going to DC? Here are the areas, now go explore and enjoy (okay, might need to check on the bad spots first). Each is made by hand and is far better to put on display in your home than a pullout from Fodor’s. Besides, what would an adventure be without some surprises?


[Shop]  This All Black Japanese Toolbox is the definition of functional beauty. Built from Japanese stainless steel and finished in a sleek all black paint job, this toolbox looks far better on the shelf than anything from those big box home improvement stores. But, as with so many products that come from the Land of the Rising Sun, functionality is paramount, so you won’t find any unnecessary ornamentation, only a single clasp lock and a rounded handle. At 13” x 5 ½” x 3 ¼”, it’s the perfect size for a simple set of tools that won’t weigh you down when you need to transport them. Of course, while it’s a toolbox, what you choose to store in it is up to you. And since it looks so attractive, it won’t be that weird to keep your pens, pencils, and desk accessories in a toolbox should you go that route.