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Byredo has released a stunning piece of tech that doubles as ingenious home decor. Made in collaboration with French designer and light artist Benoit Lalloz, the Byredo Infra Luna is a dual scent diffuser and light source. The Infra Luna uses an LED light that melts the wax of any candle placed on it, allowing the scent to gently fill the room while also providing soft ambient light. The lamp also includes three colored candle caps in blue, red, or chrome so you can change the light color to match your preferences.

The softness of the sensory experience is contrasted by the handsome brutalist industrial aesthetic of the Infra Luna itself. The circular steel frame is stylish and modern, serving as a unique accessory.

The Byredo Infra Luna, which was priced at $2,590, is already sold out, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see future iterations of this design available.


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