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If you haven’t yet experienced the myriad benefits of a cold plunge, you don’t know what you’re missing. From elevated energy levels and boosted recovery, to increased performance and improved circulation, there are a lot of real benefits to throwing yourself into a freezing bath on the regular. As it so happens, you don’t need to dump everything from your freezer (including your cocktail ice and frozen vegetables) into the bathtub to capitalize on these benefits because the Plunge Cold Tub takes care of all your cooling needs. This gorgeously simple geometric tub is made with durable acrylic, a metal base and fiberglass reinforcing to be fully insulated and help water last up to six months. That kind of quality also means it works both indoors and outdoors, cools down to an incredible 39°F and will be ready to go for years with minimal maintenance. Whatever workout you’re doing on a regular basis, the Plunge Cold Tub is the best way to recover.


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