Somewhere over the last couple of decades we lost a significant portion of our manliness. When something broke around the house we didn’t grab the toolbox like our fathers, we grabbed the telephone and called our fathers. It’s time we reclaimed our responsibilities, but like knocking a few back after not drinking for a bit, it’s best we ease our way back into it. That’s why tools like The Bionic Wrench come in handy. It’s an adjustable wrench that’s as easy to use as a pair of pliers. No more guessing what size wrench you need and tossing them all around like the Tasmanian Devil, The Bionic Wrench is the only wrench you’ll ever need. You can develop ratchet-like speed while leaving the bolt intact. Plus, thanks to the design of The Bionic Wrench you won’t rip up your knuckles or ruin your manicure. (See we’re getting it.)


We love bourbon. In the world of bourbon, there is almost no bottle as widely sought after than Pappy Van Winkle. We love a glass of Pappy every once in a while, but it’s damn near impossible to find and prices are insane.  We searched high and low and everywhere in between to snag one for ourselves only to give it away.  For Free.  FREE!  You’re welcome.  Click here and enter to win today!