As we’re sure you’re aware of by now, everyone here loves Banksy’s works and his constant shenanigans whether it’s works that are elf-destructing, stores that are never open, gallery crashing events or anything else the “unnamed” artist can dream up. For his latest work, he created a multi-stencil piece titled “Create Escape” that imagined Oscar Wilde as a prisoner escaping the high, brick-walled confines of HM Prison Reading using a series of what we imagine to be balloons, sheets and ropes. The entire display is ridiculous, but seeing as how the prison is closed, that doesn’t seem all that relevant at this juncture. What is relevant is that the artist–Banksy, of course–chose to reveal this entire stunt in the form of a Bob Ross style performance video that will live on in Internet infamy for as long as he allows it. Even if it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt–the execution and dedication to detail are applaudable.


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