At this point in the weird world of 2020, we’ve upgraded our coffee, whiskey decanters and chef’s knives, along with learning to pick locks, cook like Bourdain and sharpen our knives at home. Now that we’ve upgraded everything else and learned all these supplemental skills, we’re shifting our focus onto something that’s equally relevant–our cutting boards. Honestly, they all suck. That’s where this 17″ x 12.6″ organic bamboo cutting board comes in. Not only is made of 100% natural bamboo–which is better for all of your knives–it’s BPA-free, enormous in size, has a handle for easy moving, and it’s built with three separate compartments and juice grooves. Those separate compartments mean you can mince garlic and slide it away, chop onions and slide them away, prep your herbs and, well, you get the idea. You can easily prep and store all your separate ingredients until you’re ready for them. Even better, you can also use the board to divide meats, cheeses and crackers when you want to use it as a charcuterie board.


While you can go all MacGyver and shuck oysters with a screwdriver or other household tool, we highly recommend you invest in a good oyster knife. Why? Well, for starters, it’s safer. The best oyster doesn’t taste so hot when you’ve got something sharp stuck in your palm. Secondly, it makes the process easier and a bit more refined. Laguiole is an iconic name in knife making and the French brand has you covered when it comes to shucking thanks to the Laguiole Oyster Knife. Made of 420 stainless steel and complete with a wood handle, the Oyster Knife measures 6 ¼” and makes easy work of even the toughest shell. You just need to supply the cocktail sauce.