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When it comes to replicating the low-and-slow taste of aroma of BBQ at home, there’s no better option than a pellet grill or smoker. Traeger has long been the name to beat when it comes to pellet grills and smokers, but this Asmoke Grill aims to dethrone even them with their new grill. Unlike other pellet options on the market, the Asmoke uses a simple three step process. Fill the hopper with Asmoke’s all-natural applewood pellets. Dial-in the desired temperature on the digital control board. Grill, smoke or fire away because Asmoke automatically feeds and ignites so you can get started right away. Even better, their pellets burn at about 8,500 BUT per pound so they reach temperature faster, stay hotter and burn longer than other options–which ultimately means you’ll be cooking for longer without burning through bags of pellets constantly. In addition to being one of the most accurate, easy-to-use pellet grills on the market, it also comes in four different colors to match your decor.


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