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Duke Cannon might be a fictional character that an entire brand of manly, big ass bricks of soap was built around, but he’s the kind of made-up guy we can all relate to. The kind of man that kicks ass and chews bubble gum, but he’s all out of bubble gum. The kind of man we all aspire to be when we don’t have to adhere to the norms. After what feels like an eternity of delivering the Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap and other skincare products to guys like us everywhere, the brand is finally expanding to the realm of cologne. As we’ve all come to expect from the likes of Duke Cannon, the Proper Cologne options are no nonsense fragrances that range from Sawtooth and Seneca to Fulton and Randolph. Every fragrance in the line has the potential to be your new signature scent because they’re all made with clean, naturally-derived fragrance oils, crafted in small batches and designed to subtle, natural scents that should be discovered and not announced. In other words, it’s the same Duke Cannon you’ve come to know and love, except now it’s packaged in a 1.7oz apothecary-style bottle you can spray on anytime.


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