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New York based artist Adam Lister sees things a little bit differently when it comes to the art he creates. He creates each of his pieces uses an 8 bit retro style and a diverse collection of iconic imagery that you’re probably already familiar with. When we say diverse, we mean seriously diverse. Want that iconic image of Walter White sitting on a chair in his yellow jumpsuit surrounded by stacks of cash in 8 bit? No problem. Jordan going in for a sick one-armed dunk? Done. The hoverboard shot from Back to the Future 2? No problem. There are also interpretations of classic pieces (American Gothic, The Scream and Starry Night), movie posters (Jaws, Forrest Gump and The Godfather) and comic heroes (Superman, Spider-Man and Batman) all rendered in Lister’s unique style. Each of the more than 40 options is available as a print on archival giclee paper in various sizes. They’re also individually signed, numbered, dated and limited to 200 prints.


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