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The old adage “You get what you pay for” often rings true. If you’re ready for an investment knife, a blade that will serve you properly for many, many years to come, Zero Tolerance Knives is a name you should know. The brand’s uber-popular 0460, which was designed by Dmitry Sinkevich, has long been a solid choice in this category, but if you’ve wanted something bigger, now you’re in luck. Meet the 0462. The sex appeal it lacks in its name is made up for in its design. A 3.75″ upswept blade pairs with a carbon fiber handle that looks stunning in a deep-red wave pattern. In terms of build quality, well, we already mentioned the carbon fiber, so you know the handle is ready for anything. As for the blade, it’s crafted from CPM 20CV steel, which is prized for its toughness, wear resistance, and edge retention. In other words, this thing is far from just a looker.


Timex is a stalwart watch brand that’s been making some of your favorite everyday watches for as long as you’ve been wearing watches. If you want to draw on the childhood nostalgia and vintage-style that made you love watches in the first place, look no further than this Timex x Peanuts exclusively for Todd Snyder collaboration. It’s a modern version of a retro Timex watch that’s built for everyday wear while still having plenty of old-school chic with Snoopy telling the time. It’s a watch that’s sure to impress regardless of what you’re wearing it with.