• This-Gerber-Paraframe-Knife-Is-on-Sale-for-Less-Than-a-Six-Pack-1
  • This-Gerber-Paraframe-Knife-Is-on-Sale-for-Less-Than-a-Six-Pack-2

Gerber has been making fantastic knives for as long as we’ve been talking about great knives. The Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife is the perfect example of what’s the brand is doing with their EDC options. With a blade length of 2.2″ and an overall length of 5.25″ (that means the closed or handle length is just over 3″), along with it’s frame lock build and stainless construction, this knife is purpose built for everyday carry tasks. These are just a few of the reasons this is one of the best folding pocket knives you can buy on Amazon. Even better, it’s on sale right now for less than a six-pack of good beer. Eight bucks. Yes, you read that correctly. For only $8 you can buy a knife that is literally built to last a lifetime. Even if you only ever use the knife to open packages, cut loose threads and clean under your nails, this knife is worth it. Just don’t wait to buy it now because it could sell out.


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