What’s upcycling?  No, this is not an updawg joke (“Nothing what’s up with you?”) it’s the idea of taking waste material and turning it into something useable and more valuable, and it’s the idea behind the bags that peace4you offers.  They acquire pieces of old useless bags and, along with various manufacturers, piece them together to form great new bags.  Think Voltron but for your work needs.  Plus, with the beating we inflict on our bags – dropping them on the office floor, tossing them in the back of the car, filling them with our Marshall headphones and assorted Apple products – making your next bag one from peace4you will make you feel better about the ones you’ve had to trash in the past.


For our money, there’s no better experience than food fresh off the grill. But when it comes to burgers, veggies and everything else, the flattop is king. That’s where this Steelmade Flat Top Grill comes in. Designed and built to combine all the best aspects of a regular flat top griddle with an outdoor grill, this smooth, flat cooking surface lets you cook anything from steak and eggs to burgers and stir-fry–without having to worry about costly setups or exhaust fans because it sits atop your existing propane or charcoal grill. Get yours today.