If you’ve been waiting with bated breath to see what ridiculous product Elon Musk was gonna slap his name on next, the wait is over. On Saturday, Tesla decided they were going to float the idea of a new product with a line of custom surfboards built in collaboration with Matt “Mayhem” Biolos and Lost Surfboards. Each one of the $1,500 custom surfboards is made with a combination of finishes found on their cars and reinforced with carbon fiber. It was also designed and built to fit perfectly on either the inside or the outside of the Model S, X and 3 vehicles so you’d be able to keep everything Tesla all the time. The production run was limited to 200 units which, as with everything else Musk puts his name on, sold out almost instantly the day it was released. But if you really need to have a Tesla-branded board to match your favorite electric vehicle, you can pick one up on eBay starting at about $3,000.


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