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When it comes to coolers, we’re all for the options from YETI, Coleman, Pelican and OtterBox because they’re all some of the best hard shell coolers on the market. While those options are all great for camping trips and weekend long excursions there’s one thing they can’t handle–the impromptu adventure. What do you do when you’re hanging out with friends and just randomly decide to head to the beach, go fishing on the river or take the jet ski out one last time? You pick up a bag of ice and a box of canned beer then throw them into a disposable cooler. Forget the standard styrofoam coolers because the Igloo Recool Compostable Cooler is a better option. Made from biodegradable materials and built to retain ice for up to 12 hours and water for up to 5 days, this hard-sided cooler does everything you need it to while also being environmentally conscious. And since it’s available from REI, it’s not even that hard to find one locally.


Smartphones are all but essential these days when it comes to staying connected, working, or just killing downtime. Whether you’re on a Galaxy Android device or an iPhone, your phone needs protection. That’s where Survivor comes in. Survivor has redefined the concept of rugged cases with a refined and slim profile that protects your investment regardless of where you are–without bulking up your EDC or ruining the sleek lines of the device. With multiple colors, styles and options all available through Verizon, there’s a Survivor case for everyone. Upgrade your case today.