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Our love for the humble pocket knife is well known. It’s the blade you carry with you on the regular for all of life’s little cutting tasks that pop up. While we consider the pocket knife an integral part of our everyday carry, the truth is, it’s not suited for more than simple tasks. If you’re an outdoorsman who needs a more robust blade but don’t want to go full Rambo, consider the Striker Fixed Blade from Civilware. A pronounced belly and durable tip make the Striker a solid choice for tasks around a campsite or in the wild. AEB-L steel offers corrosion resistance, superior edge retention, and the ability to sharpen the blade easily. That durable steel is paired with a canvas Micarta handle that’s easy to grip in any condition. Better still, all the materials are sourced in the USA and the knife is produced in Signal Hill, California. When your trusty pocket folder won’t do, turn to the Striker.


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