• Mini-Toothpick-Crossbow
  • Mini-Toothpick-Crossbow-2

Get ready to play the archer in your next round of office warfare thanks to this Mini Crossbow. Apologies to your combatants, as they stand little chance. Why? Because this powerful device is more than meets the eye. This little guy doesn’t flick matches or toothpicks languidly; it hurls them. With a range of about 30–50 feet, you can pick off your co-worker’s soda can from across the room. Just be careful, as this sucker can do some damage. Each comes with a screwdriver, an extra metal string and bow, and a stand for display and easy firing. Simply pull the string back to lock it in place, load whatever slim projectile you have on hand, and pull the trigger to fire. Then have a little target practice to get the hang of it before playing the role of office marksman.


With their cozy sheets, blankets and candles, Brooklinen has more than taken care of all your needs in the bedroom–now they want to tackle the bathroom as well with their Super Plush Towels. After two years of testing textiles, Brooklinen has made towels that are strong, absorbent and luxuriously plush. With both traditional bath towel and larger bath sheet options–along with the requisite hand towels, washcloths and bath mat–you can deck out your entire bathroom in Brooklinen luxury without breaking the bank.