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Mini Pocket Knives For Your Everyday Carry

Mini Pocket Knives For Your Everyday Carry

Just like the best camera is the one you have with you, the best pocket knife is the one you don’t mind carrying around. While bigger knives will handle more tasks, they’re of little use buried in your bag when you’re in a pinch. These mini knives can slip on a key ring so you can use them at a moment’s notice.

Gerber Mini Paraframe

The Mini Paraframe from Gerber is a touch bigger than most on this list, but it’s still far from cumbersome. When closed up, the single-blade knife measures 3 1/8″ and it features a pocket clip for easy transport. Plus, it’s a Gerber, so you know it’s crafted to take a beating. Link

Ocoee River Mini Stockman

Easily one of the smallest of the bunch, this knife measures just 1 3/4″ when it’s closed. Despite its size, it boasts four blades—one more than the standard Stockman. It isn’t the most durable knife you’ll ever come across, but when portability is a factor, you’d have a hard time doing better. Link

Higonokami MiniSHOP

This simple Japanese knife is hand-forged, incredibly durable, and smaller than a house key. The white steel blade measures just 1 1/2″ but is extremely sharp and can handle both slicing and piercing. Link

Fish KnifeSHOP

This simple single-blade knife looks anything but basic. The Fish Knife is crafted with a bit of playfulness in mind, but will still handle many little tasks you’ll encounter on a daily bases. We’ve included a custom waxed leather lanyard so you can hang it from your gear or from a belt loop when you’re out on the trail. Link

Case Tiny Trapper

The Trapper knife was originally intended to be used on small game when it was first introduced in the 1920s. While you might not be using it for that reason now, its clip and spey blades will still come in handy when you’re cutting some rope or slicing open a package. Made by Case, it measures just 2 3/8″ when closed. Link

Deejo 15 Grammes KnifeSHOP

So slick with its minimal design, this lightweight knife will hardly add any bulk to your everyday carry. Measuring under 3″ when closed up, you can drop the ultra slim 15 Grammes Knife in your pocket and still have room for a wallet or smartphone. Link

Mini Executive Stag Bone

This lockback knife features a high carbon stainless drop point blade and a stag bone handle in a diminutive package. The Mini Executive Stag Bone is made by Bear & Son in the USA and measures 2 1/2″ closed. Link


The P.E.C.K. (Precision Engineered Compact Knife) from CRKT features a stylish bead blasted finish and a pocket/money clip on the back for transport. Heftier than others on this list (it still weighs under an ounce, however), the solid P.E.C.K. comes in just under 3″ closed up but will outperform larger, more expensive knives. Link

Spyderco Bug

Say hello to your pint-sized champ. The Spyderco Bug Knife is the Mighty Mouse of the pocket knife world. When it’s closed up, it’s smaller than your pinky and the blade is only about 1 1/2″. But don’t confuse its adorableness for a lack of ability, this mini knife is built to be a functional and lasting everyday carry tool. Made in the USA, the Bug Knife comes with a thumb hole opener in the leaf-shaped blade. Link