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For climbing purposes, the carabiner is perfect. It does a job and it does it well. When it comes to carrying your keys, however, the carabiner could use a little retooling—and that’s just what happened here. The Mehlville is a carabiner redesigned for your everyday carry. The dual compartment design means your keys are stored securely and never at risk of slipping off without you noticing. There’s even a thumb stud bottle opener so you can crack a few cold ones without adding an opener to the mess of keys you need to carry around. Each is machined from a solid block of aluminum and finished with stainless steel details. It’s not going to break; it’s not going to let you lose your keys; and it will look great in the process.


Forget everything you thought was possible with a slim wallet because AVIATOR is changing the game for the better. The Slide is a unique plate and band wallet capable of holding all your cards, cash and coins while still leaving them easily accessible because of the coin tray and pull strap. Every AVIATOR wallet is handcrafted in their factory in Germany using a svelte Obsidian Black aluminum or carbon fiber to ensure outstanding quality and attention to detail. What’s more, it’s infinitely customizable with options for number of cards, cash clip, coin storage and frame.