Attach the average carabiner to a belt loop and prepare to sound like a janitor everywhere you go. That dangling mess of keys would get the greatest ninja of all time caught quick. What you need is the Key Titan Carabiner, a clever upgrade that boasts a unique suppression band design to keep keys in place while you move. But that’s just one of the unique features this carabiner offers. There’s also an integrated slip driver so you can use your key holster to tighten loose nuts and bolts, and there’s a bottle opener so you can crack a cold one after a long day. It’s the simple and stylish solution to the daily jingle.


Timex is a stalwart watch brand that’s been making some of your favorite everyday watches for as long as you’ve been wearing watches. If you want to draw on the childhood nostalgia and vintage-style that made you love watches in the first place, look no further than this Timex x Peanuts exclusively for Todd Snyder collaboration. It’s a modern version of a retro Timex watch that’s built for everyday wear while still having plenty of old-school chic with Snoopy telling the time. It’s a watch that’s sure to impress regardless of what you’re wearing it with.