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When the world lost Hugh Hefner last year, it lost a true original, a man who advocated for something he believed in despite serious headwinds. Buying a stack of Playboys to remember Hef may be frowned upon by your family, so consider hitting this live and online auction for a memento if you were one of the millions of boys who thought getting their hands on a Playboy was akin to finding a pot of gold. The Hugh M. Hefner Collection includes various items the magazine’s creator owned and kept around the Playboy mansion. A jukebox from his game house. A custom Monopoly board. A first edition of The Great Gatsby. There are tons of items plucked from the structures around the grotto. And, yes, there’s a bespoke smoking jacket and pipe, as few things are more quintessentially Hef. The auction takes place at the end of Novemeber, and you can get details on Julien’s site.


While you can go all MacGyver and shuck oysters with a screwdriver or other household tool, we highly recommend you invest in a good oyster knife. Why? Well, for starters, it’s safer. The best oyster doesn’t taste so hot when you’ve got something sharp stuck in your palm. Secondly, it makes the process easier and a bit more refined. Laguiole is an iconic name in knife making and the French brand has you covered when it comes to shucking thanks to the Laguiole Oyster Knife. Made of 420 stainless steel and complete with a wood handle, the Oyster Knife measures 6 ¼” and makes easy work of even the toughest shell. You just need to supply the cocktail sauce.