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The Wingman is easily one of our favorite pocket knives thanks to its unique build and innovative good looks. Now the team at HEAdesigns has taken the futuristic blade to a new level. The Custom Wingman is just like the original only in one of four new colorways. There’s Deadpool Classic, Deadpool Brushed, Star Wars, and Blacked Out colorways, all of which bring another dose of style to an already super stylish blade. Screws, backspacers, and clips all get the same color treatment, which results in one sleek look. That’s the good news. The bad news is Wingman pocket knives are known for flying off HEAdesign’s virtual shelves, so if you want one in your pocket, you best get to it. 


Ever since we used Dango’s Tactical Wallet we’ve wondered what kind of innovations the brand could bring to other pieces of our EDC like our watch. After over a year in development, the wait is over–Dango Modular Watches are here. Whether you’re a field, dive, or chronograph watch guy, each option has everything you want in a quality timepiece. Swiss movement. Sapphire crystal. 316L stainless construction. Startling good looks. Dango didn’t stop there. Each watch also has interchangeable lugs and straps so you can easily customize the perfect timepiece for you.