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We learned early on that a disposable Bic pen can easily be transformed into another device when we hollowed one out and shot spitballs against the chalkboard in fourth grade math class. Juan Carlos Fanes, a designer from Spain, clearly noticed this too, as he just shared his idea for Bictools, a collection of simple tools that work with your Bic pen. With Bictools, you can turn your cheap pen into a compass, a ruler, a precision blade, and even into something to help with your calligraphy. Unfortunately, these are just concepts now, but we’d gladly toss a few bucks behind them if they ever hit Kickstarter. 


With their cozy sheets, blankets and candles, Brooklinen has more than taken care of all your needs in the bedroom–now they want to tackle the bathroom as well with their Super Plush Towels. After two years of testing textiles, Brooklinen has made towels that are strong, absorbent and luxuriously plush. With both traditional bath towel and larger bath sheet options–along with the requisite hand towels, washcloths and bath mat–you can deck out your entire bathroom in Brooklinen luxury without breaking the bank.