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The Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack was developed to give travelers peace of mind while abroad. But what about the city slicker who deals with the threat of pickpockets every day? Meet the Bobby Urban Anti-Theft Backpack, a bag that looks clean and keeps your laptop, phone, and other gear safe. Built from anti-cut fabric, the spacious backpack offers no point of entry for would-be thieves. That’s because of the roll top and steel enforced lock, which combine with the cut-proof material to make the bag impenetrable. When you’re not carrying it around, use the steel lock to secure the bag to a fixed object. There’s even a hidden RFID protected pocket for easy access to important cards. And since the bag is water repellent, it’s ideal for bike commuters and other urban dwellers. The Bobby Urban Anti-Theft Backpack is a sigh of relief for those of us who walk city blocks day in and day out.


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