A knife has one purpose: Cut things. Unfortunately, some knives can’t handle their one simple task. If you’re in the market for a new pocket knife, don’t go off wasting your money on something that couldn’t saw through a strand of pasta. These knives will not only handle all your slashing needs, but, in many cases, they’ll do much more.

1. Beretta Perennia Bascula Gentleman’s Knife – $109
This tiny pocket knife opens to reveal an impressive blade thanks to its smart design. The cover folds all the way around to form a handle for the tucked away blade. It features a 440C stainless steel blade and a sharp zebra wood and steel handle.

2. French Douk-Douk Knife – $25
We like to think of the Douk-Douk Knife as the working man’s blade. It’s simple and tough. The flat design makes it the perfect travel companion when you want to toss a knife in your pocket, and the gunsmith-style ferro-blackened folded steel handle adds a heaping spoonful of machismo to a simple and affordable knife.

3. British Army/Navy Knife – $28
We think of these British Army/Navy Knives along the same lines of the Douk-Douk Knives mentioned earlier. They are affordable, simple and well-made. Go with the two blade model or spend the extra ten bucks for the three blade option. The nicest feature of this knife is the pointed marlinspike which is great for camping or anything involving knotted ropes.

4. G. Wiseman Handmade Pocket Knife – $330
If you’re looking for gorgeous craftsmanship and supreme quality in your next pocket knife (and you’re making serious bank), the G. Wiseman Handmade Pocket Knife is ideal. This custom-made knife from Gene Wiseman is meant to be your newest everyday companion. It’s meant to handle all the daily tasks you throw at it. Made one at a time, the knife features a canvas micarta handle that will remain unaffected by weather and a 2 3/4″ blade. Each takes two days to craft and is a throwback to a time when every product was a work of passion.

5. Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife – $40
Despite its name, this Leek series knife from Kershaw and Ken Onion is not just for dicing produce. In fact, you’d look pretty odd using this as your chef’s knife. The SpeedSafe opening system allows you to open this baby with one hand (extremely useful when you’re in the middle of doing something and realize you need a knife). The clip holds the knife securely in your pocket and Kershaw and Ken Onion are two names you can trust.

6. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – $25
This is the pocket knife you most likely think of when you think of a pocket knife. The quintessential keychain tool for any guy who grew up in the last few decades, it features the scissors, tweezers and small blade you’re no doubt familiar with. The difference, however, is this one won’t be easily misplaced when camping out under the stars. The Stay-Glo model glows in the dark allowing you to A) Find your knife and B) Find your keys.

7. The Barlow Knife – $42
Any knife that is mentioned in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer clearly has staying power. The Barlow Knife sports two high carbon stainless steel blades, a sharp rosewood handle and timeless quality.

8. Ueli Steck Special Edition Knife – $200
If you’re planning an epic climb or large scale adventure, we’d highly recommend the knife designed by one of the great climbers of our day. The Ueli Steck Special Edition Knife features 50% thicker than normal blades and can handle six different functions. The serrated blade will also come in handy when you need something more heavy-duty than your standard pocket offering.

9. Boker Whittler’s Penknife – $67
If your primary need for a knife is to whittle away at stick ends and make random carvings, you’ll be set with the Boker Whittler’s Penknife. The 4-blade knife exudes expert craftsmanship. From the blades themselves to the wood and solid brass liners, the fairly large Boker Whittler’s Penkife is perfect for sitting on the porch with a sweet glass of lemonade and carving something epic.


Timex is a stalwart watch brand that’s been making some of your favorite everyday watches for as long as you’ve been wearing watches. If you want to draw on the childhood nostalgia and vintage-style that made you love watches in the first place, look no further than this Timex x Peanuts exclusively for Todd Snyder collaboration. It’s a modern version of a retro Timex watch that’s built for everyday wear while still having plenty of old-school chic with Snoopy telling the time. It’s a watch that’s sure to impress regardless of what you’re wearing it with.