Depending on where you grew up or where you live now, Yuengling is either a beer you’ve heard of but never tried or something you can order by simply saying lager. America’s oldest brewery is celebrating their 190th anniversary with an entire six pack of interesting new releases. Five of those six options are Yuengling Traditional Lager packaged in limited-edition cans that show how the labeling has evolved since 1829 when it was originally known as Eagle Brewery. One new version of the can will be released every month from now until April. The final celebration happens on January 11th when Yuengling will release their Bourbon Barrel Reserve beer at their Pottsville, Pennsylvania brewery. Bourbon-barrel aged beer is interesting enough, but the story gets even better. These beers were aged for 120 days in bourbon barrels in the hand-dug caves under the brewery that were originally used for the fermentation process but haven’t had anything to do with beer production since Prohibition.


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