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Beloved bourbon distillery Woodford Reserve has announced the release of its annual limited-edition Woodford Reserve Batch Proof. Bottled at 118.4 proof this bourbon is sure to pack a punch while offering the same level of care you enjoy in Woodford’s standard offerings. For Batch Proof, Woodford Reserve uses the same grain bill and process as its Kentucky Straight Bourbon. But the final product is a pure expression of the bourbon as it’s bottled right out of the barrel.

“Barrels drawn from the first floors of our heat-cycled warehouses routinely possess lower proof presentations due the more relaxed angel share process found there,” shares Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris in a press release. “This batch had more of these barrels in its composition, and therefore a lower batch proof presentation than past releases.”

This limited-edition Batch Proof series is available in select U.S. markets with an MSRP of $130 for a 750ml bottle.


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