When it comes to fledgling American bourbon brands, there are really only two options–source whiskey from established producers like MGP or wait at least four years until you have great distillate of your own. In the case of Widow Jane Lucky Thirteen Bourbon, it’s a bit of both. As Widow Jane President and Head Distiller Lisa Wicker describes it, “Think of Lucky Thirteen like your favorite song played live. A great touring band may play the same set of songs every night, but those songs will sound a little bit different from night to night. The beauty is in the variance, and this whiskey’s no different. Each barrel of Lucky Thirteen is influenced by the greatly varying temperatures and humidity levels of their original source and their time in our rick house in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The different rick house positions combined with climate variations have led to subtle deviations in flavor and alcohol strength.” Take all those details, factor in the limestone-rich water proofing–from the Rosendale Mines located 100 miles north of the distillery–and it’s easy to see why the 100 barrel yield is priced the way that it is. If you’re interested, Widow Jane Lucky Thirteen Bourbon will be available in multiple proofs for around $90 with a limited run of 15,000 – 20,000 bottle nationwide.


While you can go all MacGyver and shuck oysters with a screwdriver or other household tool, we highly recommend you invest in a good oyster knife. Why? Well, for starters, it’s safer. The best oyster doesn’t taste so hot when you’ve got something sharp stuck in your palm. Secondly, it makes the process easier and a bit more refined. Laguiole is an iconic name in knife making and the French brand has you covered when it comes to shucking thanks to the Laguiole Oyster Knife. Made of 420 stainless steel and complete with a wood handle, the Oyster Knife measures 6 ¼” and makes easy work of even the toughest shell. You just need to supply the cocktail sauce.