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As concerns around health and alcohol consumption have risen among the average consumer and with the growing popularity of Dry January, many producers have begun experimenting with non-alcoholic beverages. Non-alcoholic beer, wine, spirits, and more are now relatively common and you’ll likely find creative virgin drinks and mocktails at some of your favorite bars. Beloved whiskey distillery WhistlePig has joined in on the Dry January fun with a non-alcoholic version of its 100% rye PiggyBack whiskey.

PiggyBack Devil’s Slide is billed as a “non-whiskey” by the distillery. Aged for 6 years in oak barrels before being dealcoholized in a top-secret process, PiggyBack Devil’s Slide is just as much a carefully constructed beverage as any of WhistlePig’s other products. The distillery recommends enjoying Devil’s Slide neat, on the rocks, or in a mocktail like their Maple Old Fashioned.

Additionally, 100% of proceeds from the sale of their non-alcoholic spirit are donated to the USBG Foundation, supporting bartenders around the country. Bottles of PiggyBack Devil’s Slide are available for $50 with nationwide shipping.


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